What Cibola does in his spare time

My sister has a pker account and pmed Cibola, and this is their conversation

The pic of where he is saying “Lmao” he is kissing her :stuck_out_tongue: Lol, that’s what he does in his spare time :stuck_out_tongue:

wow red… what a… conversation mayb u can get rid of the white?

Lol, It wasn’t me, it was him and my sister :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang redwraith your sister… YEOW! Lol haha anyways that’s pretty funny if you think 'bout it… Also you shoulda cropped it just a little bit lol


strange, thats all i can say

Lol, tell me about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Cibola does that in his free time? :(. Cibola gimes me pr33 st00f and stands around doing nothing in his phr33 time.

Oh no! I’ve just added him! makes mental note to screenshot anything weird he says

Lol, phr33 st00f, where? When does he give it?!

Lmao, you told me you were gonna tell people…just didn’t think about RSR lmao.
Yea, I was bored doing nothing…I was getting ready to get my pure up when that lilbabe whatever her name was pmed me lamo.

LOl, I said I’m gonna post it on RSR and you said sure :wink: And her name is Littlebaby11 ;p

I like the phr33 st00f that Cibola gives but I can’t give more info because then he’ll give everyone phr33 st00f.

… Hahahaha.

“My sweet scrumptious baby.”

Wow, that made my day. Sure it was boredom and not some other teenage… emotion… Cough.

Amazing what boredom can do to entertain me!

lol…thats funny…but strange…didnt know cibola was that kind of a guy…lol…jk…

:o He is, watch out for him :stuck_out_tongue:

People will never look at me the same way again! =P

dont worry…i will…

very interesting…

Cibola? :confused: