what country are all of you from?

im from the usa in the state of louisiana :smiley:

im from the us from Pennsylvania, and Florida i guess cause i spend my summers there wit my dad

i’m from USA in the state of California

I am from Sparta in the state of, um, Spartafornia.

lol im in Canada, Brithish Columbia, (i feel like a loner cuz im not in usa :cry: :cry: )

USA… Georgia… Yeah yeah people from outside the state think Georgia’s bad because of all the crimes, car accidents (corresponding with the fact that Georgia’s the second lowest state in car accident insurance… Or was that the second highest? Which ever one’s the “Bad” one…), and traffic… But as a Georgian for 11 years, I feel prided by the fact that I live in Georgia… Other than that I was born in Cali…

I live in Hawaii, baby! How you like dem apples? (Or pineapples… :smiley: )

I live in Australia in the state of Queensland. Ahh yes some of the best beaches in the world. :smiley:

STL, Missouri
USA 8)

haha i watch a movie troy the girl came from sparta and started the war against greeks and troys

oh well i live i philippines but im in usa right now in maryland:d

usa, city of latrobe

wellingotn,New Zealand, near aus

Michigan, USA, and it is COLD here. Where did summer go! :frowning:

I represent Sydney Strikers in Soccer

Over in Australia, Sydney!!

I am moving to detroit, michighan to fulfill my dream of becoming a wrestler!

im from gloucestershire in UK

I’m from Belgium,wich is in Europe

I’m from The Netherlands its in west-europe next too germany

USA, California 8)

S. Florida, USA

Usa, michigan, born canadian, what was my mom thinking moving down to the states… :?