What detail do you use?

I’ve been playing on low most of the time and rarely use high. I was just curious to see what others users play on.

high so if im on rsr or somethin and im in wild and i get attacked i’ll know.

I used high just 'cus I could…

I use high.

i use it cause i can and so i can listen to the music

low…two reasons—lag less, and the music is really annoying lol

perfectly said

Low. As Q7dive said… the music is annoying. I turn the music off but then the attack noises start to get anoying and I would rather be able to listen to my music without lagging on high detail. Also… The roofs bug me. You can’t just lick in the house… Roofless houses are good :wink:


i hate the graphics in low…

Low detail for life! :slight_smile: less lag and faster.

i like low detail the houses don;t have roofs so you can see in on peopel muhahah bu it does help when you at bank and then pop there the roof

high detail ftw!! mroe awesome’er

theres an option to put the sounds and music off…

i use high detail…dont have a certain reason why…why not?

I use high-detail. I have no diea why. It looks nice I guess. :smiley:

I use low. Less lag and less anoying music.

Low detail, less lagg and it stops my comp from shutting down.

High… I don’t lag and i turn the music off :smiley:

Yep, I use low detail, it tends to lag a bit when I put it on high detail, and plus, the music isn’t very good, and I prefer to listen to my songs.