what do u like better?

i want to no what people like better

well it seems like people like girls better but lets c if more people will reply.

I like Runescape better because girls slap me a lot.

roflmao! i like girls because… well… you know :stuck_out_tongue:

runesape its not as needy :lol:

gril coz… :lol: :twisted: :twisted:

I’d have to go with Runescape seeing as how I’m a girl myself.

i like girls cause girls are hot especially this one junior in my school.
girls are hot and runescape isn’t :smiley:

yea lol i know i like gurls better to…haha they have there…talents…



Do we even have to vote? Who would vote for Runescape unless they are female or… different.

aww man this is a hard 1…not!!
girls obviously lol

Runescape coz I am not (yet) interrested in girlz :smiley:

i gotta say girls cause runescape cant…wats the word???..please u in the same way that a girl can :lol:

let me think girls obviusly coz… well ill let u think about it urself :wink:

i pick girls because runescape does not have the ASSets that a girl has. Plus i like ASSets. And like wat hellsrival said runescape cant please u the same way a girl can.(unless you are a lil freak and u get some type of sexual pleasure in runescape)

i voted runescape a while ago, but dont get me wrong, girls rock lol

:twisted: girls… ahhhhh… uhhhh…

yea anyone that finds sexual pleasure in runescape is weird

not weird just desperate… they cant get laid in real life so they go to the cyber world…lol


true…i cant get laid, neither do i want to (well of course i want to but i cant till im married :frowning: ) lol but i dont find sexual pleasure in a computer game

btw i like your avatar :wink: