What do you think of the new updates?

I personally think they’re sweet!

I mean free gets a new skill!

Farming will be so cool!

f2p get it too ??

I’m almost positive f2p won’t get the farming skill, as you have to use thieving and you can only get the seeds on member worlds.
But, f2p get a runecrafting update!
Finally, f2p’ers will be happy that runecrafting will be worth more than just mind and air runes lol.


I thought that f2p would get it.
I mean put the seed market in a members world at least!

Awww well one update to look forward to.

I can’t wait 'till the farming skill comes! :hyper: Then I’ll farm like crazy. :wink:

i actually dont really care much about the new update…hint hint…im f2p…lol…but yeah…i actually think its kinda cool…its also cool how they’re updating runecrafting for us f2p cause runecrafting was really boring…and useless…and it still kinda is to f2ps…ooh well…good luck to all you members out there with your new skill…just hope farming is goin to be fun and not useless…

Whats the RuneCrafting update for F2P’s? Just wondering.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

no-one knows yet. but i think members are going to get bloods souls or death ( or a combination of then or even all of them) that is the BIG update. and free will get chaos crafting.

OMG Starts to pant like a dog lol chaos making for f2p… Oh my :smiley:


i dont realy get this farming skill, can u just plant patatos seeds anywhere? osunds kinda boring and useless to me i mean are we suposes to be happy cuz we can eat our own homegrown patatos?

It’s not for certain that f2p will get to runecraft chaos…though it makes sense because it’s in the wild and not in members land…but I think it would be cool, but I’m not 100% sure, we’ll all find out in a week or two when the update comes out.

f2p DOES NOT get farming, i asked mod martin b
jagex said no big updates for f2p about a year ago

Well the new update gives new ways and routes to the correct altars, if I’m not mistaken.


yea F2P wont get farming, also theyre coming out with Carpentry skill (later this year) and horses…
honestly, ive said this before, but i hate these new updates. i mean farming? cmon JaGex! u coulda done better

Wait, wait, wait…When did they say horses are coming out?