What do YOU want?

What do you want to do with RSR? What features do you want to add? What direction do you want to go?

This site is as much yours as it is mine, so please let me know how we can work together to make this site into the New RSR. My promise to you is that I will keep this site running as efficient as possible - the rest is really up to the RSR community - YOU!

So please, let me know what suggestions, comments, and concerns you may have - I really do want to know all of your opinions!



Not sure

Not sure lol

If there were more active people here, I would just go to the off topic forums.
But seeing as those are even dead…
Btw, when did this place die?
I thought it was still alive when I left in 2009, but I can’t remember too well.

What do you want to do Duke?
I know this is for the members, but I’d like to know your input too.

EDIT: Seems I quit around 2008 from my previous posts/activity here.

I think the biggest thing on my mind is the general MMO direction.

The smartest way to do the transition in my mind would be to start with some specified boards. So from looking at other members posts I can see that many of us play League of Legends. The next logical step would be to create a board specifically for League of Legends. I think this approach lets you truly gauge the interest for games before truly devoting many resources to them.

I don’t think creating more boards is a good idea, if anything I think fewer boards is better. Look at neogaf, it has gaming, gaming community, off topic, and offtopic community. That’s it. I think condensing the forum to only a few boards is better so it’s not as empty and spread out

That’s very true. I think that’s also a good idea.

I’ve said since the beginning that our boards are all over the place. That there was too much difficulty in determining where to post your threads. A shortening of the amount of sections would be a brilliant idea.

Direction wise I’d really like to see a general forum for general things. EVERYONE on the internet these days games in at least some form, but we need a way to cater to even non-gamers. We don’t want to seclude ourselves to individual games.

Yup, I agree with the above, could just keep stickied threads for the biggest games out there. And when full replace them with a new linking to the old.
This is for example how a Dutch forum does, always the same introductory post:

Yeah this is what neogaf does, instead of having a billion boards there’s just one mega thread for discussion about a single game.