WHAT HAPPEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happend to the awesome tag bar or is it just me that cant see it?

I Canb’t beleive they took it away maybe because it casued lag or something

If it’s there, I can’t see it either. Maybe Duke took it out cuz people were spamming it too much.

Yeah maybe your right I miss it he should put ti back

The site is undertaking a huge update. Duke and the staff are locating bugs and fixing them. It will be up and running soon enough. Just hold on. One suggestion, read the rules.

Ok thank you flopster

I’m glad I could help. If you have any other questions or find anything missing or isn’t working, private message me or any of the other staff members.

i would also suggest not to make yur tittle in all caps cuz it will be locked and yu will get a warning(i think)

Locked, no titles in all caps.

Locked shortly…