What happened to our NICE, RESPECTFUL, community??

MATURE DISCUSSION ONLY If this turns into anything giving evidence that it could start a flame war I’m getting a mod to lock it.

Anyway why is everyone SO MEAN. In the last half hour I have encountered 9 or 10 mean rude unnecessary comments. Such as

Why is that necassary. If you believe it will be like that DONT GO! I find it harder and harder to stay here at RsR. I have been here more then a year. (November 4th 2004) And RsR is at an all time Flame/Spam/Mean level. Post your thoughts

The kind rsr is long dead… 'fraid we all must deal with it or press the X .

I’ve noticed that too. Since, I’ve joined I’ve seen posts calling people n00bs and other mean at. Also, I’ve seen more apology topics here now. Also, people are just naturally mean and sometimes they think with their status over other people ,i.e post counts, they can do whatever they want with them.

It’s life… Everything changes. People change etc.

I agree, i think its down to the fact people think that they are higher than others. In the old days of Rsr (and im talking about the time be4 most of u), everyone helped each another, but now everyones trying to “get up the ladder of power” by putting others down

Its because of our massive increase of members… More members, more fights :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you Handmedown!

And… Yeah, the kind RSR is still here, you just need to look harder. =D

Most of us lurk. :smiley: or thats wat i do

The thing is everyone is too afraid to do anything. People see others spamming and flaming, but they don’t do anything. Only a small handful of people send me pm’s saying that there are problems, and they usually are for hackers. People need to help more. Many people tend to believe that because there are mods, they don’t have to help at all. That is wrong, there are only so many of us compared to the large amount of members. We can’t do everything.

Another reason problems occur is because many people don’t understand that this site is for fun, and that there are many younger kids here. Some people think they can do whatever they want because they don’t care. It is those kind of attitudes that hurt RSR. Another thing is many people tend to add to the spam by saying things are spam when they shouldn’t.

To get RSR back, we need our normal members to report about problems to mods, that way things can get done. Until that starts happening, RSR won’t get better.

Also, post counts are a large part of it. Many people find it as a status symbol, and that you aren’t important unless you have a high count. That is a lie. Quite a few of the mods were chosen to be mods and yet they can low post counts. The post count means nothing.

P.S. stating something is against the rules in a topic won’t help anything except get you in trouble, so don’t do it. Tell a mod.

Yeah, there are few people still here from when i just read the fourm (nov 04)

Exactly. Who cares about post counts!!!

Seriously, I don’t see the problem that everyone is going on about. There are mean people in the world. There are nice people in the world.

Just don’t let the mean people get you down…

Speaking of post counts your about 250 from 10 GRAND posts.

235…But who’s counting? :slight_smile:

I’m counting >_>
waits for 10 grand post

Obviousely a person by the name of Keyser cares and counts them. A little too much, Post count doesn’t mean anything, i don’t see why you care so much.

Anyways, as I said, no matter what Keyser says, post count doesn’t mean anything. For quite a few people in RSR history, a large post count has created a few arguments among members.

Well there will be fights as long as there are two people in the world. It is human nature to fight but at the moment it is just atrocious (sp?).


talking about spam iced…

LOL!!! Since when have I ever really cared about them? Did I make a post for 6k , 7k , 8k, or 9k ?? Nope…

Please…accuse me of somethign I’m really guilty of :slight_smile:

Er…I acuse you of…Being…rich…
Yeah >_>

I agree to what you said Iced about people not reporting topics that are against the rules. Those posts most often lead to flaming. I will now report topics that are against the rules.