what happened to rsbandb?? Please LOCK this - answered.

I haven’t been on runescaperealm much lately(was home for easter - got back on tuesday morning), and just noticed that the signatures from rsbandb.com haven’t been working. So I typed the address into my browser and it said the website couldn’t be found. Is rsbandb.com down? Or is my computer just being stupid right now?

They are getting a new server…

Alright. Thanks :slight_smile:
Like I said, I haven’t been online for a few days - anyway, someone can LOCK this now before people start saying it again and again… “they’re getting a new server”
“server upgrade”
“yeah. that’s weird. I wonder why they dont work”
“yup. he’s right. server update”
“yeah. they all know the truth. It’s a new server”
So please, LOCK this.