What Happened?

I have made 3 Official Leaving threads, the third, the one not locked, is gone Completely. What happenned?

It was deleted by an administrator. :slight_smile:
Moderators can see deleted topics. :smiley: Well, only who deleted them if now in your territory, but still neat.

wait, i started to get lost in the only who deleted them part…

i was wondering the same thing alk, since i saw ur locked topics in bold red, and the other one nowhere to be seen

well it looks like your still ere if you are posting this…

He’s saying that in all of the areas where he has powers, he can see who has deleted topics.

alk has left?falls to floor and cryes eyes out alk you were always so nice and a conventionalist-i love that word :stuck_out_tongue:

Wtf, Alk was leaving, nosobs
But he is a very good member to RSR!

It would help if you guys actually read, because it was a leaving thread for others ;).

Lol, strange what people thought. Thanks for what you said ;). I wonder why it was deleted though.

lol ~ eyes r for reading