What I aquired at a local flea market....

I was at my grandma’s and she asked me if I wanted to go to a flea market near her house.
When I was there, there were many overpriced pointless items. The only item that caught my attention was a 5 ft. Indonesian blowgun that came with darts and pouch. I asked my grandma if she couold drive back to her house and if I could get the $25 needed to buy this blowgun.

Needless to say, I got the blowgun and its sitting beside me as I type. Here are some pics:

Note: you can view the album on my blog at: http://venom.lifelogger.com/albums/5088


So that’s my blowgun, post any comments or questions you may have :slight_smile:

Woah thats sweet good find

Pretty dang sweet, nice find :wink:

thats something kool to find at a flee market…would be nice if the the pics were smaller but o well

I was shooting it in my basement and one of the arows embeded a half and inch in my wall, lol.

Thanks for the comments

that woulda hurt if it was human skin.

looks good, but can’t you actually get smaller pics that show the WHOLE thing…?

I rather shoot an arrow froma bow :open_mouth: put poison on the arrow…

Looks pretty cool. It’s really big :tongue:

Thats a lethal weapon. ~Awesome!~
Lmfao, make sure to use it carefully. Might poke an eye out :wink:

dude that is fricken awsome
i wish i had one :frowning:

I dont think it’s lethal. Maybe if you got hit in the temple or something. But t definitly would leave a mark. But you dont have to worry about that, I’m not going to be aiming it at anyone, lol.

God forbid, you shoot at the dartboard, you miss and hit the wall than it bounces off hitting someone :wink:

^ I would laugh if that happened.

Lol dont shoot the kitties with it!!!
Kitties are cool :(.

hehe nice find :), wanna get me one, but I need alethal one, no questions asked :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s awesome!

Yeah at Flee Markets you can find stuff you can’t get anywhere esle.
Like mixes, cd’s that have different kind of songs in one.
Also real expense of stuff that cost just real cheap, garunteed!!!

You can’t really get lethal ones. The most that can happen is they stick a bit in your skin. When the indonesian’s used them in the jungles, the dipped their darts with poison to kill small game like rabbits and monkeys.

wow thats sweet !

aslong as you dont go crazy, fire it where you want lol