What I Look Like Now--

Well here’s to show what I look like now on RSC :D. Sometimes instead of the crossbow, I wear Saradomin’s Staff :P.

Zoomed up —>

And just so you know, i’m a level 79. The white party hat in RSC, right about now is 100m or so.

wow. Nice man. 100mil!!! Thats crazy… You play rs2 to right?

Great look dude! :eek:

  • Sobs * Stop torturing me!!!

W00h000 - I said “K”!

Red + Yellow > White :wink:

How did you get the money to buy the P-Hat?

Wow that’s awesome,but I’d prefer a Party Hat in RS2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are the answers to the questions so far:
Yes, I do play both versions.

I am not torturing you :P, just showing some of the people what I look like.
And for the record White > Red + Yellow(un-active).

I got the money by selling my other rares when F2P was stolen from RSC.

I wish I could transfer it over to RS2, but we cannot do that any longer. I wasn’t here when we could. I played in 2003, quit a little later then, came back in 04’.

Yes, all rare prices rose greatly, and are still rising. I remember when the blue party hat like 180m, that’s cheap of what it is now(about 200m). I wanted to make an RSC Price guide, but Archas wouldn’t let me :P.

Nice look! And I never thought a p-hat would cost that much :eek:

Me either!

I can still remember selling my mask for like 10k on halloween.

100k santas…

Now look at prices :o.

Yeah I remember those prices too, but it seems it was best, it got me my party hat didn’t it? The bad thing was that Archas and bunches of other players that didn’t pay, can no longer play RSC.

In Archas’s description, there were three RSC veterans, you and I were one and f00b was another. I have one question, do you still play RSC?


I have plenty of spending cash, but too many vices in my life to afford another. If I started playing now, I’m not sure if I would ever stop to eat, sleep, or breathe.

I love Runescape Classic too much to play anymore. It’s like a beautiful girlfriend who I’ve parted with due to circumstance. She would take me back, but it would hurt too much. Too many memories.

Darn, I see where you’re coming from though :). Yes I too love RSC and sadly they are destroying it. I recently logged and to find no autoers :eek: ! I am glad about this. I am sure Andrew Gower would love to take you back :P.

RSC is like a very beautiful girl. Can’t live without it, and can’t afford it either :P.

Whoa… RSC was LIKE that? I don’t believe it… I never thought it was like that… I tried it once, when it was F2P, and I hated it, but it seems I shouldn’t have… Anyway, soon RSC will die, and no-one will go on it and then it will be taken off… it’s too bad really.

~The bad man has spoken

aw i like rsc its funny but wow a p hat nice