What I think Jagex should do when carpentry comes out

I say they should make a huge place of land full of grass and stuff so the players dont build stuff like inside the real Runescape, kinda like a city for Runescape citizens to build watever they want until it gets crowded and they make it more and more bigger… post your thoughts.

Or maybe different people build their houses in different servers…

I wouldnt really like that idea but eh you dont really know :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… Maybe password protected land?

i think it would be good, but if it happened it would be members , and alll new people ot the game might not get a chance of gettin one

i would like the houses to be pass protected and you could only see other players houses if you have them on your friends list (and they have you on theirs).

Maybe “Land Servers”

When you enter the “Building Yard”, you enter the name of a “Building Server” - The different “Building Servers” have different buildings.

You can already see the lots where the houses are…look on the map, little niches.

I’m betting that your house will be like your bank; stored data for each user. So you click on like “Go inside house” and then it loads your house, and your inside of it. So hundreds of players could use the same lot. And if you allow other people to, they can enter your house instead.

Just remember this post when I’m proven right ;).

i think that jagex should make a house “patch”, where you can only enter your house, or if you talk to a person, it lets other people beside you enter, like they need to be in your friends list, and you on theirs

Where are the nitches?

Ya… wheres the nitches?

houses are 4 every1 f2p and p2p uif u want ur house in a busy world u have to pay more.

How do you know?

FTP is a demo…

yeah good idea jesseeast:)
So it already sure that the new skill is called carpentry??
And will it be for P2P only or also F2P??

Pay to play only.

So you want them to make some kind of a carpentry guild? That would be a nice idea, only thing is: you don’t know what they are going to make. But the idea’s good. =)

I’ll make a carpentry business building houses for people :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe make it so that there would be a huge new city with blocks, you could buy or make your house until it gets crowded and can only be bought from players. Maybe also like trees they would make it so that you can see your house but not other people so they can have enough space.

jagex anounced this in like march and they havmt said a thing since…i doubt there gonna make carpentry

Ehh, this is kinda what I thought withfarming, but they ended up making a special place for it. They will prolly do the same as they did.