what if this happened....

Hi all im new to the forums and i wanted to start this because its been in my head for a while. Plz dont flame me even if im noob :roll: I get enough of that in wildy :wink: .

What if…
The runescape economy crashed and it was like the Great Depression all over again…
Coal, Iron, RUNE, EVERYTHING losing its value or having it lowered so much it was just a few hundred if you were really lucky… All the shops would be selling thousands of bows, arrows, helms, armor, all at insanely low prices just to stay in business.
There would then be a diesease epidemic all over the worlds of runescape…
People who got near another person who was contaminated would begin to lose hp…slowly…but no cure. They would just have to eat suddenly overpriced bread or chicken until it faded away.
Then a whole army of dark warriors and demons would spawn from the lava dungeons and karamja volcano.
They would hunt the remaining runescape population and dominate their once mighty kingdoms.
There would be a war between humans and demons, all fighiting for what they value with their lives. Every man/demon would count, even the lvl 3 ranger and the lvl 126 human were all worth the same, because, every life buys a few seconds before the next massacre/slaughter of humans and demons, every person dead buys time before the next wave of genocide.

What would you do, if you lived in this apocolyptic world of runescape?

As for me i would quit ^^ j/k I would probably go back in time and start whording all the free stuff people dropped at banks ^^ and come back and start making profits off of poor people 8)

Buy the heck out of the once expensive stuff, sever all ties to civilization and train my head off, then come back for the battle, and create an alliance of dark warriors that would fight alongside demons to overthrow Runescape and eliminate all who stand in my way.

So I guess that makes this mostly my fault. Heh, heh. But I would do it.

Dude, this is a really neat topic. If this happened Id either, one, train and join an alliance to fight back, or two, save my omoney and buy a trip to karama island and hde somewhere.

It’s fun to think about…

And really, I would be at fault, seeing as I do stuff like that, you know, killing people and ruining their day. I can’t help it it’s just my nature.

I would like to fight in a huge RS war either way though.

Ya, that would be really fun!!

that actually kinda sounds fun!! i’d love it if there was a real “war” in RS. good topic :twisted:

then rich people would have alot of stuff

i would return and be at the front lines.and die a last,glorius death

This is a very well thought of topic. I can see that it has probably been brewing in your head for many days (weeks, months… whatever). I agreen that it would be kind of cool, though not at all probable.
I know, this is just a made up, fictional idea, but I am going to throw out ideas of why this sort of thing will never happen on Runescape.
First of all, Jagex would lose large amounts of money because people would stop paying to be members. If everything was one huge war (though it would be pretty fun), who would want to pay actual money (real world… not RS) to partake in the same sort of massacre that f2p players are enjoying. Second, Jagex would have to completely re-write the game, or at least many parts of it. Because there are cows/chickens in many different places to kill for free food, as well as all the fish/lobbies, the idea of over-priced foods in the store wouldn’t really have any impact on “society” in runescape. Also, bread is free to make (wheat feild/windmill), and you can cook almost anywhere in the game (either at an oven, or over an open flame).
Ok. I had more arguments about the improbability of this ever happening, but they have since left me. I don’t mean to put you down, because this is a great idea. Just thought I’d throw out my ideas on the topic :slight_smile:

that would like be lame…ya thats alll i have 2 say :smiley:

dats sooooooooooo cool to think about :idea: .

Maybe if there was one or two servers where this was in effect? Where as soon as you enter all of your items are converted into their current value in this world and any levels/item changes you make in one world do not affect the other?

Like if you gain 1 level in this world then you go to the normal world, that level would be cancelled. You could have one account with seperate characters in this way. :slight_smile:

I’d pick cabbage…like i do now. :wink: