what is a diffrent adress for runescape??

me and a friend wont to now how you can get on runescape with a diffrent adress. because are school blocked it… it sucks…LOL

i do not think there is but if u find any plz tell me

it wouldnt matter becasue u eventually go into the "game"topic and the blocking system would pick it up anyway…


copy and paste the runescape homepage onto a freewebs account thingy… It doesn’t really break copyright rule if you just use it to access it to go to it from school.

got to www.olberding.biz click circumventor then type in www.runescape.com and itll take you to the runescape homepage :smiley: (dont forget to hit yes when the thingy pops up) :smiley:

Even if there was another url, it would still be blocked if your school runs Windows XP Professional like our school does.

www.miniclips.com has a runescape browser.

well… to get to runescape from miniclip.com go to http://www.miniclip.com/runescape_game.html
that should save a link.

Our school blocks Runescape :cry:
But we can get on up to the loading screen on any Runescape link but then it will stop loading.