What is a pure?

I’ve been on rsr for a while and sometimes I see someone say something about their pure. can anyone tell me what that is plz? im confused…again :confused:

a pure is a player that practices there skills in only melee, mage, range…

only those 3 or is there more?

usllay have stats like dis
atk:40 (60 if member)
range:99 :smiley:

ooo ok now i understand…but why would sum1 leave thier DEF at one? they wouldn’t be able to wear rune and stuff rite?

A pure is someone who practices with 1 skill and only that skill.

For example, if you want to be a pure mage you increase mage and hit points only.

Or you can be say a pure money maker, which you would get fishing, cooking, mining, etc. AKA good money making skills. Or a PKing pure, Mage, Prayer, Attack, Stregth, Def, etc.

o ok i get it now… so it’s like u work on one skill till it gets really high? cool ok thanx! :slight_smile:

actually a pure is some one with stats higher than there cb

Or you could be Keyser…

lol a keyser