What is Fagex?

I read some threads and some guys were talking about Fagex. What is Fagex? Is it a world switcher like Swiftswitch? What does it do? Can anyone explain more about this thing called Fagex?

Its a rs-hating site. Fag=Rude way of saying someones gay. Like jagex but they substituted the j with an f. Its a cheating site where u can get autoers and there is also a black market.

Basically its a name people game up with to make fun of Jagex who runs runescape updates seeing as this is a Runescape related site and most members here play runescape, alot of them get frustrated and flame Jagex.

Runescape hacking, cheating account selling site. That JUSSTTTIN guy uses it.

Ok well it isn’t a good website to visit… and I know JJUUSSTTIINN use it, I saw his pic lol… I was curious to know what Fagex was so I went to site on the website Fagex.net but I didn’t do anything, I just looked at the the page and closed it because I saw a button about RuneScape cheating and stuff like that…

I dont want you guys to think im a bad person cause i go on there casue im not.

why would you go on there and go on here too???

Cause i go on lots of forums.

do you play runescape???

Yes i like runescape.


Yes your point?

I didn’t even know tha site exsisted, I used that word when I was pissed off at jagex

Lol and yes that forum is a very acitve forum getting so many new members every day.

pretty much a hangout for idiots and noobs.

give me link p10x? :wink:

Lolz :P, I’m pretty sure that’s where NETzERO bought his new account. I call jagex fagex sometimes when they act like fags… like making gay updates o.O

never knew that was a site lol

yea its a dumb site they have nothing better to do with their life then talk about rs even thoe they used to play it and they loved it to

it isnt what you think.
we dont cut jagex down on it.
most of the people on it just break all the runescape rules.