what is guild wars

i have been seein around late ly give me the details

um… i have no clue what you’re talking about! good luck with that one.

Its an awesome game, and it’s better than RuneScape. Go to http://www.guildwars.com and check it out there, then check out some screenshots taken by me playing GW. http://www.freewebs.com/guildwarscz

Yeah, it’s totally awesome, and as soon as my computers fixed up, I’m gonna start playing again.
It’s free to play, but costs ya to buy.

It’s awesome like fabz said. I’m a veteran at it!

Yea it’s better than RuneScape, it’s $50 and it’s for Windows XP. The graphics are AMAZING. I can’t wait when till Christmas when I get my own laptop and Guild Wars.

Although different in concept to other MMORPGs, Guild Wars has proved to be a creditable and righteous game for people familiar with the genre. Even newbies will find this game all sorts of fun, as it is not hard to learn the basics of the game.
The main jobs available thus far are:

You can combine to have any one as a primary/secondary job and get attributes from both (but only the special attribute of your primary job).
Quests are a lot of fun and the graphics are a delight.

I’ve been malspending my money playing FFXI, a game in which you payed a monthly fee and you had so much of a hard time getting Gil (FFXI currency) that 90% of the people actually buy it online… This sort of nonsense is not seen in Guild Wars. Get this game if you’re a fan of the likes of World of Warcraft.

Yea I forgot the mention that. It’s like World of Warcraft but it’s free!

It’s a game called castle wars,

You join a team e.g Zammorck.

You own them other team,and when u kill someone u call them a noob.

Thats how u play;]


I’ve never heard of it either. Sounds good so far…I believe this thread goes in “games” though…

^^ Er not talking about runescape there talking about another game.

Oh ok


Erm, its $40. Check on Amazon :wink:

OH,guild wars i heard it’s good i like knights online better.