What is life, to me it means nothing.

Alright… Last december, about a week after my birthday… Something happened, that I would have regreted… Until now. Two people already know the story… My mom and sister were gone… and I was in my room, on my bed with my moms hand gun… I had it to my temple, safety off, and ready to pull the trigger. Then, before I pulled it, I got a feeling. A feeling that I would meet somebody, somebody special…Then… I started talking to Sela… and I thought she was the one my feeling was about but… now she wasent… or she was and I totally ****ed it up. Im not saying im going to kill myself, because she has brought me more happiness then anybody, and I want to live…I want to live my life to the fullest… Honestly… If I never talked to Sela again, I would hate myself… but for right now, I dont want to…Theres only about… 3-4 people I wouldnt mind talking to right now… And you know who you are if you read this… So… Whatever.

Why am I suddenly blamed for everyone’s problems?

Sela, you are not a cause of any problems, you practically saved his life.

I know I am most likely not one of those people, but I will give you the best of advice.

Live life to it’s fullest, there is nothing stopping you from it. Always look on the bright side of life. Look at the glass half-full. In other words, think if what you have instead of what you don’t. Better than that, think of the positive things you have, not anything you do not that is negative. Do not let anything bring you down, nothing brings you down, you do. The imagination is creative and can make you think the wildest things, you just have to keep it under control and keep the thoughts positive.
I hhope I’ve helped.

Im not blaming you for anything…

Lol, bullshit you aren’t.

What am I blaming you for then exactly?

Sorry to hear this Nolty. I will probably be able to talk to you if I could’ve been online.
I don’t know exactly what happened, so I am just going to wish you luck.
Live your life to its fullest extent and don’t waste a minute of it. Suiciding is the worst thing one can do to his or her self. Remember that life isn’t measured on how many breath you take but how mant breath took your life away. :slight_smile:

Nolty if you want to end it all just do it and do it quietly.

Nolty shes drunk :P. I would just go on with on with life. When you get older alot of older problems seem to dissapear and new ones come. So just go on with life and things will get better :slight_smile:

danm why are there always problems with suicide on this forum, I have 1 thing to say to anybody with those thoughts:
meet some people and have fun and never have those thoughts again!

I don’t know.

You seem upset that I don’t share the same feelings toward you. But there’s something you have to understand, and see. Love is a two way street. If I love Orlando Bloom, and he doesn’t love me back… It’s NOT LOVE. It takes TWO people to love. and if two people BOTH don’t feel the same it’s NOT love.

I dont love you… I never said anything about loving you, as a friend ya, sure, I do love you as a friend. But as somebody I could spend the rest of my life with, and somebody I could marry, and somebody I would want to live with or whatever… No, I dont love you like that. I like you, a lot.

I think thats why porn is there :P, that could always be your last resort Nolty! (Kidding, or am I lol)

God knows someone like Shadow wouldn’t have 50 of those links in his bookmarks.

It’s the same for “like.”

lol nice one

So… just because You dont like me… I cant like you? seems a bit selfish dont you think.

Oh I would have them bookmarked but parents would find out lol. Its all in the memory :D. Although im guessing Nolty already does this (Guessing).