What is the best type of character to be?

What is the best class of character to be, pure warrior, puremage, pure ranger, mixed, monk?

My favorite is a combo of a monk and a pure warrior, cuz the warrior hits super high,(20 with r2h at lvl 70 str), and the protect spells keep u well defended.

pure range!!!

I’d say mixed, even though i mainly focus on melee, i still do some arching and magic.

Mixed, it is best to be strong in all skills so you will be ready to defend against anything.

u should be 99 defence, 99 range, and 99 hit, and 99 prayer, that would be best pker

Even though im not I find you all wrong. Being magic is alot better. A. you can take out people with rune and others. Most magic at higher leveld can hit almost up to 20 at least so thinking even if there wearing dragonhide lets go hit a 15. PLUS magic has its own better armor now forthemselves and it will protect them more PLUS give them more power and also a steady defence against melee. Think of it that way

i would say mixed or a mage and for most of the choses high defense would be good

I don’t think you can get 99 hits from 99 range, defense, and prayer.

I like R2H monks on RSC. I personally like Impure on RS2.

This pretty much depends on opinion and preference. Really you can be anything, but its mostly on opinion.

Well I would pick either mage or knight.There both really good.

Mixed. You need lots of skills to do quests. Tons of other stuff too.

I think mixed mage and warrior, but mainly warrior, ya gotta love kill things with a sword!! But a mage will also be nice beacuse of all the cool spells you get to cast like the teleport spells, thats good if you are lazy and dont really feel like walking every where.

mixed warrior is the best cause then you have a lil of everything and ur ready for everything like iced said

Pure Mage!

You Never Attack A Monster or Person without using a Magic Spell

619 mage 619 was my pure mage! Until he got banned!

Yeh… well thats who the best character is!

i like mixed mage monk, magic is ranged and still does pretty high damage and prayer as an aid.

I’ll mix it all. Thats What I like.

i every1 this is my first post but ithink a mix is the best warrior and mage

If you like quest I would say mixed. But if you want to be a pker a mage would be best because most people are warriors and magic is best against melee.

while that may be true for f2p, it certainly is not for p2p, black draghide provides ample protection against mage attacks and unless you have 80+ mage, you are not going to hit a 15 on a ranger while he/she is probably going to get you down to around 10hp in 2 specials and maybe 1 or 2 normal shots if using rune arrows and pot
id say mixed is best, pure ranger may be good for fast damage, but once a meleer gets close, you’re kinda dead due to low def, u also need mage to back up your draghide or even if you’re planning to go in with rune, a mid-high magic level is good protection and may save you. pure mage i would definitly not recommend on p2p since there are a large number of rangers there.