What is the best way to level at smithing?

I’m level 54 at the moment and only have about 400K cash.

What is the best way I can leap up to level 68 smithing?

if you are a member, make arrowheads or darts

if you’re a free player, stock up on bars, and make plates, and stick with them until can make addy items

rationale: plates give the most xp, and arrowheads make the same xp per bar when compared to plates, and are much more in demand

The best way is to make steel plates and alch them.Pretty fast i even still do so (65smithing)

git mineing 60 mine coal from the mineing gild and smith it and like thay seid make plate bodys thats the best way + if you want to git a bit more gold sell it to noobs dupending on what tipe of metal it is if its mithral and up sell it to like level 20/30/40s its a good way to make gold.

Thanks Airgod, what is your Runescape name?

Yeah… I thought starting to make mith would be helpful but it looks like I can just make more by making them into bars and selling them so I think I’m gonna stick to plates like people have said… Thanks for the advice though… Can’t wait till I can start making addy plates…

If your a member you can get 99 smithing for around 40 mill, get 350k iron ores (costs 35 million GP if your buying at 100 gp each ore you might be able to get cheaper) and then go and buy 2500 ruby’s or if you can afford it rings of forging. Buy 2500 gold bars and cosmics and make the ruby’s into rings of forging if you don’t have the rings of forging. Using the rings of forging go and smelt the 350k iron ores in to 350k iron bars, then smith them into iron plates. This will get you 13,125,000 smithing exp which is over what you need for 99 smithing.

However since your not go with what Lady_Love said.

Woow that would take years to do 350k of iron bars. Then an other year to make the plates.

All i do is buy myth and coals make arrow tips and make myth arrows sell em for 60 ea.
Or make steel plates and high alch.