What is the best?????

im training on a pker its got lvl 11 stre and 6 att and 7 prayer should i keep training those skills or do i need to train others?

edit:what should i give HER to wear?

attack not 10 and stre 16 and my combat lvl 13!

if its a pure str pker then no more prayer, lvl 40 attack 10-20 def then 50+str is the best pker :stuck_out_tongue:

Or just keep your Defense at 1.

why no prayer?
and wat armour/weapons

well, i don’t get why people is always saying not to lvl defence, without any defence the strongest stuff you can use is iron armor, and i don’t think going to the wild fighting guys in full rune with full iron, but do whatever you want, and i recommend using a scymmy, is strong and fast

get 40 attack and 34 prayer and then just train strength

why 34 prayer? defence is crap(its not a swearword is it?)cuz it gets u combat lvl to high and im not going to fight guys wid full rune am i?

no defence no prayer train strenght and attack were monk robes or what ever robes no iron armor its no good

get def 2 lv 20 for mith, raise attack and strength alot, get prayer 2 high enough 4 u 2 keep 1 extra item when you die.

34 prayer for ultimate strength and incredible reflexes lol
so u hit hit more often and higher