What is the meaning of life?

Well ever since I watched The Hickhikers Guide to The Galaxy I’ve been wondering that. In the movie they asked the all knowing one that and…well. No answer.

So I’ve been wondering what people think the meaning of life is. Post your answer of what you think the answer is. Remember there isn’t a wrong answer.

But as always:

No flaming
No name calling
No putting down others ideas
And Explain your answer (this one isn’t that important)

The meaning of life is to… reproduce. Boy do i plan to find the meaning of life in the next 60 years!

Lol. Reproduce. Well thanks for that.

Well it says to in your sig, the Shadow Mystic quote… so I though I would put it there.

well its not to do god’s bidding, thats for sure.

Oh yeah when she said: “Hooray, Sex! :chat:”

then i say Horray! SPAM!

Yeah, i took her advice.
Always remember kids, STD stands for…
Saves The Day!

Lol. I’m gonna siggy that.

First time… another guy used one of my quotes but didnt actually quote me in his sig.

i think the meaning for life is just…living, i mean if the only meaning is to ‘reproduce’, it is ,in fact, just living, which is, if u think about it a pretty crappy reason if u ask me:)

that sounds like ur hinting at religion zelda…
if you believe in god, then generally ur purpose in life is trying to serve him… and if you don’t believe in god then the purpose of life is uh… trying not to die? (i would have said get laid, but that would be repititive… =)

Oh man, I read the book and it su … stunk. :slight_smile: Sorry lol.

The purpose of life is … Fast food!

some one here is american… =) lol (btw this is more of spam topic than a debate topic, but at leasts its entertaining)

I got that from a Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin asks him why man was put on earth. Hobbes goes, Tiger Food. :slight_smile:

Well, i didn’t say, you have to live your life serving someone.I said just live it (it sounds lame, but what are u gonna do about it;)).
Although i agree on the ‘the meaning of life is to get laid’ part,hehe i actually love it :hyper: :slight_smile:

What aspect of life?
Birth, Death, Existence, Involvement, Mortality, The Unknown or just a General Meaning?

Would there be a purpose/meaning to life once we found it?
If we found the meaning of life - what then?

The meaning of life in my opinion is to live as if you’ll die tomorrow.

:veryhappy Sorry I just had to bring in some Philosophy.

nah, i strongly disagree with that saying :“The meaning of life in my opinion is to live as if you’ll die tomorrow”
If u follow it, then why do u go to school?
Imagine that you’l have 1 day to live, what would you do,(ask yourself that)
And compare that answer with your live that you’l live tomorow.i’m sure it will be nothing like eachother…

you make me think…but yeah i agree with him, live your days as if its ur last

It’s different for everyone…

Everybody has goals and ambitions, all unique in every aspect… so I’m not sure if you can say there is a specific… meaning to life…

For Keyser, it’s to be good, and Christian, and follow the bible, praising God’s name…

For me, it’s to live… as if every second could be my last. Why sit around… wasting time because something is “immoral” or “wrong” or “dangerous” when you only live once anyway? Make your time spent worthwhile…