What is this..???

Anybody know what that weapon is?

Looks like a rocket launcher to me :confused:

It’s from mournings part two I think anyways, it’s a quest item.

frog bazooka from some quest something part 1

Frog Launcher from Mournings End Part 2.

It’s a paintball gun that shoots frogs!

I’m serious

yeah, but you cant use it as a weapon, only to dye the sheep. its purely for the quest and looks.

like everyone else said…its a thing for a quest, it like shoots paint…liek a giant paintball launcher.
and zuesking were did u go, u like dissaperd forever

lol looks liek a bazzoka

I quit for a while and played WoW. But I quit WoW and am now back to runescape and runescape realm. Thanks for telling me what it is guys.

well its good to see you bak
last time i saw u was the Official RSR pking trip in april, when i joined

Lol that is a long time. Well I am hosting another one right now join if you want to guys.

i would but 2 things
sunday i might be busy
i sorta quit rs so all i have is 40k so id have no good armor to use

a bazooka! lol nice fake

its not a fake its a really item in the game, its from Mournings End Part 2

my cosin sucks name Emily

Oh…Wow i didnt no that. Lol its cool!

I saw that the day it came out :smiley: but havn’t seen one since.
sickmate 8)

Yea I’ve only seen one once.

Ugh its not from mourning part 2 its from mourning part 1.