What is your fav monster 2 kill

mine has to be greaters
p.s. i can’t kill anything better. :smiley:

moss giants and lessers
im only lvl 54 :frowning:

lessers and ice giants

Lessers, baby blues, and sometimes green dragons if im really bored

trainin lvl 42 hobgoblins for fun black demonds and my all time fav king black dragons on clan trips

ice elementals, or whatever they are called they are cool looking, besides that lessers and greaters

i like ranging black drags…it takes years to kill em but its kinda fun…

omg…my sig stopped working again

prob only a lvl 120 zomby, im only lvl 67 aaahhh wel

I’ll have to go with the lessers for now.

I like killing random event monsters. and… blue dragons (melee)

Random event, baby blues, shadow warriors, chaos druids, hell hounds, and last but not least, fire giants.

i like to kill anything i can that helps me get better :slight_smile:

I kill fire giants, blue drgaons, black demons, lesser demons, hellhounds, and some other low lvl monsters for clue scrolls.

blues and hells are alright cause they drop clues and good stuff

Baby blues, fire giants and sometimes hellhounds.

well i am lvl 80 but i love white knights i train there most

Any demon will keep me quiet. Except 4 derlith. Lvl 29 pah! And they call him a demon lol.

I like to range blue drags, or kill them melee. I also love lessers! I did a lvl 3 clue from a blue drag today. It took me forever, as well as having three coordinate clues in the wild. I ended up with a measly: 91 laws, rune legs, and a black dragonhide chest :evil: :cry:

i train on black dragons without getting any dammage