What Is Your Favorite Pking Spot & Why?

Mine I Would Have To Say Would Be Giants When With Team Or Clan. & Alter For Low Level Pure. & Maybe Greaters Every Once In A While.

I Added A Poll So If Know Of Any Other Places Post Here What Place & Why. If You Wish Post Some Of You Kills You’ve Gotten There.

yo look at the noobs sayin the lvl 1 wildy is the bet place u cant even get a kill there

~^B u m P^~

Sup Rancid, You Like The Greaters Too?

I like the greater too!
i am a decent pker so i have to work at it

yo wh shoul go pking when i get sum addy armor and my drag long or b axe it’ll be really fun!

Aucually Lvl 1 Wildy Was Where I Got My First R2h Kill When Rs2 First Came Out. It Was Great. I Remember I Was So Happy.

hey hey hey ,…bump lol lol i bump on yo moma

Addy, You Mean Rune?

I think a really good place to pk is the wildy coal mine!
people get distracted there and u can get good stuff.
They drop their coal and they are normally down in health do to the skelies that lurk about.

well rember when i killed thet lvl 50 for the full rune and then my cpu froze and then i lost it…that waz lvl 3 wild…( god im such a noob)

Is being a member worth it??

You Know How To Get Sigs For Your Stats?


I dont even know what that means man… plz explain.

i’m a noob to this website

i like to hop fencies too …just not in the …what the hell is a bowstaff…

Yeah I Remember That Kill, That Was So Funny Then Your Cpu Froze & You Died. & I Had To Go Scare The Guy Off So That I COuld Pick Your Stuff Up When It Re-Appeared.

you there man?

you need to see napoleon dynomite

wat is a sig for stats??