what monster should i train on

what monster should i train on im lvl 72 member with 43 prayer
could i kill a fire giant

ya with alot of food

pfft…fire giants are pansys. lol theyre actually not too bad seriously dont train on em though
train on rockcrabs or air elementals or Kalphite Queens or KBDrags or…WAIT no! forget the last two…gettin ahead of myself.

Just slaughter moss giants or something, decent drops and don’t waste your food!

wht lvl can i train on them then

try water elementals…or if thats too easy…try lessers

basilisks are great

id go with skeletons on crandor. very good xp and u rarely eat. kill the giant skeles. sometimes its crowded. id also suggest red spiders on karamja. and if u want good drops but wanna waste food wich isnt reely tranining then go to the lessers

go fight lessers thre good for exp