what movie is best

lord of the rings the return of the king

harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

spider-man 2

I like a lot of movies… There’s so many to list so I’ll just not… But those movies mentioned are good movies…

I HATE harry potter. It is all about wizardry and witchcraft which is againstthe christian religion… I would have ti say return of the king over sm2 though…

there my 3 favorite ones

I don’t think I’ve ever hated any movie… Oh sorry I did… Time Machine, Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure… Sorry that movie was dumb… Open Water, Jurassic Park 3… (I lost all respect for Steven Spielberg when I saw it and I want to publicly announce that I give all my sympathies to Michael Crichton after he had to witness S. Spielberg ruin a good novel…) And then some more that I can’t remember… Oh right… The pokemon movies weren’t that special in my opinion but I just wanted to mention that cause a lot of movie sites deemed those movies the worst animated series movies ever made… Kinda gives anime a bad name… TV series reviewers also rated the pokemon series that airs on TV one of the most overrated as well… Sad though… Though the game was pretty good… But other than that… Nope… I didn’t mind any other movies… BTW, horror movies just tend to… Dissapoint me these days… Cept Resident Evil… Though the second one was just too much of a plot twist… Oh… M. Night Shaymalan’s movies aren’t that bad either if you count that as horror… I count them as more of a suspense though…

what 1 of them u like best

i haven’t watched spider man yet, but i would say i lik Harry Potter the best, tho Lord Of The RIngs is pretty good also

The LOTR trilogy was one of my fav… One of the VERY VERY few that I liked each movie because it stayed true to the storyline and put in the details (Counting the extended editions) and was directed very well too… I mean come on… Kudos to Peter Jackson for pulling this trilogy off, while at one point filming all three movies at the same time and was able to blow the box offices, win almost every nomination for one of the movies, and reached out to the fans that loved the series as novels… I have to give it up to Peter Jackson… Especially since these were the first major movies that he ever directed… That is if he ever directed any before them… If not, then thats even more to give it up for…

u should watch the lord of the rings i posted the pic of its got all the deleated seens and they mad the movie better and longer

why didnt u put bulletproof monk or matrix up there?? another good one is the day after tomorow

because i dont got many movies

do u have the new versions of the lotr trilogy (the extended versions)

the return of the king is the only extended i got if u looked at 1sst post they r scanes of the moves

oh my bad

its way better then the not extended 1

I am a verry relegious person but… it is just a fairy tale and if you let it become more than that then you have problems. Sleeping beauty has witchcrat in it but i’m sure you have seen it. Cinderella, The WIzzard of Oz. Aladin, Alice in wonderland. The list goes on and on. I watch them but I know they are just fairy tales and nothing more.

death_cloud has made a good point

well everything in todays society that comes out of Hollywood has some different form of religion or witchcraft. Like star wars, it even started its own religion about the force and all that junk. The lord of the rings is guilty too since magic is a form of witch craft u cant escape it so either u live with the movies u have or u dont watch any movies ever again which would make an active life very boring

good point
ps i want to see the new star wars episod 3

i havnt seen it yet but i outgrew star wars 2 years ago so i dont care about it