What music are you guys listening too?

"Some of us might still remember each other’s music taste, some we’ve forgotten and others we know nothing about.
So guys, let’s start sharing!

I still got my last.fm profile
But last months I’ve been listening to my music without scrobbling though, especially now my gaming laptop is getting repaired. Plus you know, spotify.
My tastes still lie in good old heavy metal, but also the newer kind, as well as power metal.
Also listen more to indie/alternative rock nowadays.
I could name bands, but it’s easy to just take a glimp at my profile :wink:

What’s changed is that I tend to like remixes and stuff as well now.
My secret soundcloud profile, listen to this to game or do small tasks in the house.

Now up to you!"

“My music taste changes so often nowadays. Thanks to the #3005 group I got into heavy metal but I have been going a bit lighter in recent years. I would say my favorite bands right now are Of Mice and Men, Dayshell, Papa Roach (always #1), We Came as Romans, and Avenged Sevenfold (forREVer <3)
But I also listen to artists such as Modestep and other electronic artists. My roommates listen to some real hipster type stuff though :/”

"Most importantly, for me, my taste in music has grown much wider than it was when I was younger. For example, two of my favorite genres at the moment, Hip-Hop & EDM, were my two least favorite types of music when I was a kid. I attribute the sudden change of heart mostly to the fact that I’ve grown up less than an hour away from San Francisco/Oakland, and the rave scene in SF and West Coast Hip-Hop finally caught up to me in my post-high school years.

However, my favorite genre still revolves around the ““hardcore”” subgenres. In the early 2000s, I got my first tastes of Rock/Metal through bands like Linkin Park, Slipknot, Staind, All That Remains, In Flames, etc. This obsession eventually gave way to the Emo movement around 2005-2006 (thankfully, just my taste in music and hair) when I started getting into bands like My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, The Used, Silverstein, A Static Lullaby, etc. Fast forward to ~2009, and Post-Hardcore was the next big thing. Bands such as Dance Gavin Dance, Enter Shikari, Of Mice & Men, and others quickly grabbed my heart and never let go. I still listen to DGD & Enter Shikari on an almost daily basis. 2011 was my first ““real”” concert I’d go to - Warped Tour. I went to see some of my favorite Post-Hardcore bands, and left with a huge appreciation for Metalcore, where bands like The Word Alive, Attack Attack, Woe, is Me, and others excited me on an almost unnatural basis. I fell in love with live hardcore music, and ever since then have attended shows on at least a once a month basis.

Nowadays, I’m big on Melodic Hardcore, essentially a blend of Hardcore Punk, Pop-Punk & Post-Hardcore with a bit of Emo influence thrown in. Being As An Ocean, Capsize, Defeater, Stick To Your Guns, and others are my current favorites of the genre. I also listen to a bit of Metalcore (Beartooth, Vanna, Northlane, The Color Morale, The Amity Affliction), Post-Hardcore (Issues, Dance Gavin Dance, Enter Shikari), Pop-Punk (Neck Deep, Title Fight, Knuckle Puck, Still Living), Emo Revival (Joyce Manor, Have Mercy, Modern Baseball) and some Alternative (Paramore, Emma Louise, PVRIS, Lydia).

I have a Google Play Music subscription, so I pretty much download anything that catches my eye and if it’s good, I’ll listen to it. Unless it’s country music, which gets a big fat NOPE/10 from me.

TL;DR - Nu-Metal -> Metal -> Alternative Rock -> Emo -> Post-Hardcore -> Metalcore -> Melodic Hardcore/Pop-Punk/Emo Revival. I also listen to Hip-Hop & EDM. No Country.

Edit: P.S. If I sound like a hipster… it’s probably because I’m a closet hipster"

"I still listen to pretty much anything related to metal. I don’t follow sub-genres, I just listen to what sounds good to me and call it metal. I just personally feel getting too involved with what style a particular band is makes things too messy and just pisses people off. Although I am aware calling everything metal will piss people off too but I really couldn’t care less.

So anyway, I guess you could say I’ve been getting more into like deathcore/grindcore I think, if you want to get specific.

One of the bands I’ve particularly started to listen to lately is called Feed Her to the Sharks: [MEDIA=youtube]TS3n8VZHu_8[/MEDIA]

Another band I’ve been listening to for years, but really like, is Eluveitie: [MEDIA=youtube]XM1v-00C6AM[/MEDIA]

And since they are on tour with Slipknot and Lamb of God (who i am seeing in august), I actually discovered the newest Motionless in White album is pretty good: [MEDIA=youtube]CVQC3bx_AXs[/MEDIA]

Although I do have to admit I have been listening to more melodic death metal, such as Mors Principium Est [MEDIA=youtube]mlAQ0k1ZXfA[/MEDIA]"

"I’ll listen to pretty much anything at this point, only things I find myself switching songs on are rap (Aside from Eminem - mostly) and country (to a lesser degree, I’ll listen to some of it). Definitely prefer Rock but no clue what category each are in, I saw a lot of what I generally end up listening to in Nick and Pujols posts.

Linkin Park, Slipknot, Staind, All That Remains, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, The Used, Silverstein, Attack Attack, Paramore, Papa Roach, and We Came as Romans (Listen to this band probably the most)."

“[QUOTE=”“Killakot, post: 1567458, member: 8167"”]Nice write up man! I see a lot of bands I know and like, except the Metalcore and Emo :stuck_out_tongue:
I only recently discovered Staind myself.
It’s nice you’re able to attend concerts monthly, I haven’t been to one for 2-3 years sadly :/[/QUOTE]

One of the many benefits I have living in between Sacramento & San Francisco. There’s almost always some band I know on tour around here, plus loads of talented local bands.

Iced: Motionless in White used to be one of my favorite bands. Not a huge fan of their new stuff though - sounds like a cheap Marilyn Manson clone to me. Their Creatures album is easily one of my favorite Metalcore albums of all-time.


Also, I agree with you to an extent on the sub-genre issue. I get annoyed when I have to listen to some idiot say something along the lines of ““oh dude, that band isn’t hardcore. They’re progressive math-punk with folk metal influences.”” Like, bro. They’re fucking hardcore. But there is definitely a noticeable difference within genres, so I like some of the sub-genre labels."

"I’m quite loose with the subgenres to be honest. I tag them as what their wiki or last.fm or whatever says, and then fill up the comments with the other genre tags. Gives me more flexibility when creating playlists too. That’s the main reason why I use subgenres, for my smart playlists.

And @Iced, Eluveitie and other folk bands are also one of my favourite genres I forgot to mention.
Best song that comes to mind from the folk genre is: [MEDIA=youtube]fyvPe0uqjjY[/MEDIA]"