What music do you like?

Whats are our favorite bands and/or types of music?
And do you like to listen to any other music while playing RS besides the music provided?

i always play the scorpians when goin ta pk and i keep listening tom that harmonica rap thing lol i listen to rock mostly like metallica rageagainst the machine the who van halen all them

metal or punk stuff like simple plan and other stuff like that

i like the slipknot stuff and mettalica my favorite mettalica song is some kind of monster and slipknot is poke your fingers into my eyes

that song by SK is entitled “duality”

i like grunge,punk,most metal. I like Marilyn Manson,Nirvana,and the Dead Kennedys.

ill listen to everything except country.

Punk rock,goth rock, heavy metal…hip hop…

I like the blues. You know, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Buddy Guy… I also like rock like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC and The Beatles.

i like the band hillsong

Metal forever!!! Cradle of Filth, The Haunted, and Machine Head :twisted:

i listen to almost nething…except rap i hate rap, but my fav bands are Creed, Green Day, and Metallica are some of ym favorites

I hate all rap and heavy metal. I like music that has a soul to it. Like the blues!

Silly Japanese music… Well… Necessarily not always silly but J-Pop or opening or ending themes from anime… It keeps me from getting to stressed since I get stressed easily and I get stressed a lot… I generally try to stick to the happy-like Japanese music but I also like the “chilled out” themes of some music… Nothing too loud but I really like fast paced songs… Other than that, it’s alternative/pop… (Pop in terms of more like rock… Not boy bands (Ugh, I hate boy bands), not hip-hop-like pop…)… Besides that, I hate rap… Although I believe that some rap artists have very talented lyrics and the lyrics themselves are really good, I just don’t like the rap-type of beat they put their lyrics to… Other than that, I don’t mind any other type of music… I don’t like country but I can survive when it’s being played…


I like Iced Earth,Iron Maiden,Metallica,Rammstein,etc

I like Green day, SR-71, Hawthorne Hights, Flogging Molly, Hopesfall, and so on…

Green Day all the way!!! 8)

I like all kinds of music. Most classic rock, plus a lot of new bands, Eve6, Green Day, Metalica, Disturbed, Rammstein…
Can’t stand most rap though.

i like to listen to metal or punk when i pk. other than that i’ll listen to all kinds of music, but rap or pop

do you guys got a music player on your pc

i got iTunes and i would say that the best one
this is how it looks->

Alright! Another iTunes fan!
I’m obsessed with just about anything mac, and iTunes is probably one of the best parts about it. Ever tried garageband, though? Lets you make your own music, and they just released a ton of updates and upgrades for it.

do you got an ipod?

i got a mini one