What Nationality Are You?

I’m Polish. What nationality’s are you guys? No flaming or rasicm.


Well I’m Kenyan. I’m also Somali. And now my mom told me I’m Irish because she always wanted to be Irish. Lol.

dutch(uit nederland dus)

well im canadian, but my roots say im Irish, British and French

German, Irish, Scottish, English.

Spanish, and Latin. Pretty basic for around where I live…

i was born in the southern US(yeehaa) but my backround is mainly irish, german, british and possibly Scandanavian

But your mom told me that wasn’t true. She said that you were from a different planet. You lied… :mad:. Lol. Jking. Sela would never lie…or would she?

Was it Mars? Maybe they were wiped out from solar flares like the Fantastic 4… O_o

0.0 Asian/American. I can’t really determine since I was born in U.S.A and was raised in Asia :innocent:

I think it was…Lol. Sela has super powers. Super pwning powers! Sela hops into a car people sing"Sela is the pwner of the world with her super powers!"people end the song

English and Scottish.

100% pure English mum, 100% pure Scottish dad.

~ ewok

When I was at your house your mom told me that she was really Chinese not English. Lol. They monkeys see everything don’t they Mr.P?

And you are really Phoenix’s cousin!

Irish (Alot) Scottish, Brittish, Polish, and a little bit Russian. Yet…I live in america, :slight_smile:

Omg how did you find that out? Thats what Mr.P’s mom told me.

Oh yeah, I forgot I’m kind of Russian, German, and Italian. :slight_smile:

Now they can run around the garden and praise that they are related runs slow motion camera

100.578% Rule Britiania English :smiley: Born and bred in London