What Rank Am I?

How do I know the position I am in relation to other people? Example: Duke Atreide is #1 and Keyser is #2 how can I discover what number I am?

i would also like to know this and i thought duke had like 10 posts?

Who the hell said Duke was number one? I’m number one!

Duke haid like 4-5k posts but he edited his post count.

Go here and find the page you’re in…

Each page has 30 users on it, I’m sure you can do the maths.

Dukes not number one, he actually cheated…

Duke reduced his post count down to 1, he has actually made around 3,500 posts.

You always have link to each part of the forum…anyway thanks.
I am ranked number 16 :shocked: but if you counted Duke in I am 17. :hyper:

It one of the perks about being the Head Admin, I can change my post count, but since I could care less about how many posts is says next to my name, i reduced it to 1, now I’m up to 8. Frankly, I dont care what it says.

How about we change everyones post count to ‘Who cares…’

//\good idea who cares a bout the post count?

Noooooooooooooo! Its nice to know how many posts i’ve made!

Im ranked 79!


That page is terrible, all it does is encourage people to spam and get there post count up.

Lol, its nice to know what rank you are compared to everyone else though lol… :slight_smile:

lol…acctrully lets do change everyones post to who cares!!!so there will be no more spamming

^That was sort of spamming… And dont say this is, I wasnt the one protesting :stuck_out_tongue: