What rune sells for 10 gp each?

what rune sells for 10gp each?

I hope your talking about magic runes,Usually all of them if its in small amounts.

Mind runes can sell for 10 gp each.

not always, some ppl sell mind runes for 5 gp

mind and body runes

matters wat lvl peeps ur selling to somtimes i have sold air runes 500gp each!!!

Usually all elemential runes, mind runes, and body runes sell for a bit less than 10 gp… I could only think prices for those runes would jump to 10 gp if your selling them in large amounts or something… But yeah usually they sell from 2 gp to 5 or 6 gp in stores and by most rune sellers…

8O wow 8O tensi thats amazing

what lvl bought air runes fo 500gp each