what shall i smith for 50 smithing?

well as u know im doin legoeds and i nerly have enuf q points so now i need the lvls shall i use steel or iron?

considering you are a member do iron witn rings of forging make pl8ates then high alc em if you have the lvl or else just sell em to a shop

I got from 33 smithing to 40 just smelting steel for free. Maybe you should do that.

make c balls lol

Steel. Earn some money in the process. :wink:

Steel - I smithed that for level 50 smithing and I was really successful with it.

Yea, I smithed steel and I think I have 50 smithing. I used the Keyser deal.

Whats that?

C balls make more money and you can get faster levels.

smith iron…its cheaper and easier to get

Steel bars, if you give me some money Ill give you supplies, then you give me bars and Ill give you your money. I just did it and its easy, plus always 100% chance. But if your a member you can do Ring of Forging, though it is a bit more costly, I should think

steel cus it gives more exp :wink: