what should i do to be a better pker?

79 hp
83 str
77 att
72 def
59 range
71 mage

Please tell me where to train my stats if you offer your advice thanks (=

oh yeah im combat 96 now

c’mon someone help me out.

Get your range up to 60, don’t level defence anymore, and get 85 strength and mage to 75 (fire wave owns :)).

thanks (= what should i train range on mage with and melee on?

I’d say train range anywhere, you only need 14k XP.

For mage, I’d High Alch or use mage in Castle Wars.

Melee, I’d say train slayer & combat together.

Hey, dont 3ple pos(or2ble post)
Just grow attk.

get ur range up to 75!:D(75 range owns :D)

ty everyone