What Should I Mine to 99 Mining?

I currently have 62 (nearly 63) mining level - I want to get to level 99 quite soon, though I doubt i’d do it in less than two months.

What should I mine for a quick root to 99? Please dont vote unless you know a thing or two about mining (not just that you hit rocks with a spiky stick).


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I think you should mine coal and iron because they are fast things to mine. But, if you want to power-mine, get someone to trade the coal or iron to and let them drop it so that you will hve more time to mine. :wink:

Power mine with iron if you want 99. I would just get 85 though. If you bank the iron it will take a long time. If you ask me power mining is the way to go.

At the moment, I also want to get smithing up, so I am smithing the ores. But also, I am giving the gold I am currently mining out free. I may start mining coal soon, and a touch of iron on the side, then i’ll smith some steel, and so on.

Thanks for you’re votes!


You wont get 99 within 2 months, youll be lucky to get 85 if you work really hard

Mining iron would be the fastest way to 99. If you mine iron and coal, it’ll take a lot longer than if you just mined iron. If you got 85 or 99 mining, mining rune would make you enough money to buy ores to smith.

Thanks for the comment Sportie lol - I didnt think i’d be that lucky, I couldnt be bothered to edit. So, iron seems pretty popular! Well, its the fastest, i’ll give it that!


Iron and Coal, might as well get your smithing up as well :slight_smile:

well i voted for mithril, because it gives more exp in less hits, but i think that the fastest way is mining iron, just get a place where isn’t much people

I have 86 mining,and all I can say is powermine Iron,it’s the fastest XP:

mine iron, and keep mining iron till you get 10k, smith them into iron bars or sell them for 75gp ea to keyser (i think he pays 75gp ea atleast…)

Power mine iron in Al-Kharid mines. Mine 3 irons drop 3 irons. Don’t bank any. :slight_smile:

ok mine iron till 90 mining then coal

and ill tell you right now u wont reach 99 in 2 months!

Power mine iron is the fastest way I think…

Iron and coal. Mine the iron in dwarven mines right outside mining guild and coal in the mining guild. Once you get to lvl 85 mine rune and world switch.

power mine iron at al kharid mining place. :smiley:

I’m power mining iron - Giving it out free.

Power mining Iron will be the quickest, but not the most profitable.

If you want profit, then coal mine in the guild.

I’m getting 99 mining then going to mine coal for you buyers out there! Woohoo!

that will be long time i bet you give up this little quest in two days most people do

iron is fastest