what should i raise?

im a member so tell me what i should raise

every thing lol get fletching up ez crafting agility herblore mining smithing and all the other skills

Train your mage up a bit. Its a bit behind the rest of your stats.

i dont plan on gettign non combat on my pure

oh lol whoops yeah id say train a lil more magic

Train fletching.

he dont want to raise his non combat skills

wehere should i train my mage?

I dunno. Im f2p so I dont really know. Although I train my mage on any kind of giants because of the big bones.

Train range to 99 then you will own


Nothing’s 99 so…Everything.

hes a pure get 85 mage and 85 range and 60 att and 80 str then you own

lets me thin k all lol…

do you have any stats 99? and u still owe me 200k