What should I range on?

I am a level 77 member, have 52 range, full blue d-hide, mage short with 1k iron arrows. I’m also planning on melee’ing a bit, and am bringing a dd+.

I have no clue as to what I should range on, so opinions are greatfully accepted! Thanks!

I would also like to get a little money from this (loot), so… Yeah. Thanks.

I trained on rock crabs…Then again I almost always do. You could try areas with caged in monsters, too! :smiley:

Ehh… Rock crabs are OK. I use them occasionally, but only when I’m looking for some fast XP…

king lathas training field is the best place…although u need to do biohazard quest

Ogres, then fires at 65, then blue dragons and all the demons at lvl 75+ then you should know by then what to range on, like black drags at lvl 85+

Already done it. The Ogres are OK, only thing is they are range only… Meh, I think I’ll go there anyways. I need some prayer XP.

Other opinions, please.

if ur not planning on getting yer arrows back u can train on the lesser demon in the wizzy tower and if u want ur arrows back do elementals


Thanks for the advice, that’s probably what I’ll do.

Noooooo! Don’t go fires at your level, plz at least wait till red dhdie, otherwise you will be there 4 ever! :-p

Err… No, I meant what do you mean by fires…

Fire giants…

Ooooooh! OK, I knew it was something like that… Sorry, I’m an idiot…

for ur level u should prolly range ogres till lvl 55 or something then lessers and then finally hells at about 65 all these monsters have decent drops and safe spots if u go to right place oh and ur gonna way more arrows lol like 10k or so at least iron

moss giants next to fishing guild, they give great exp and give good enough loot to buy almost twice your arrows back.(i got from 51-60 on them)