What shows are everyone watching right now?

"Here’s a thread to talk about what shows you’re currently watching and share suggestions for people. Please try to avoid posting any spoilers.

I’m currently on Season 5 of The Walking Dead, and absolutely IN LOVE with Better Call Saul. Even if BCS wasn’t a Breaking Bad spinoff, it’d still be a fantastic show. If you have an interest in criminals and lawyers, I strongly recommend it, even if you’ve never seen Breaking Bad (though BB is definitely worth the watch)."

I’m pretty much out of tv shows on Netflix so been watching anime on hulu lately (I haven’t grown out of it yet, lol). Rewatched most of One Piece over the last few months (Skipped Arcs I didn’t care for as much), now just kinda picking titles and seeing if I can finish the series before I get bored. I’ve made it through Sword Art Online 1&2, Aldnoah Zero, Tokyo Ghoul, Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins), Terror in Resonance, and Argevollen.

"I’ve got over a 100 tv shows on my external hard drive that I was watching or planning to watch, but ever since I got Netflix I haven’t really touched them anymore haha.
I too am completely in love with Better Call Saul. I tried getting into Breaking Bad before, but that just didn’t work out.
The Walking Dead I’ve watched till mid season 3. Already had problems staying interested in S2, S3 started off better, but something is lost.

I’ve got to pick up on the new episodes of Vikings and Black Sails. Also catch up with Arrow and finally start watching The Flash. Gotham is something I also started and have high hopes for. Currently also watching Sherlock and White Collar. Also waiting for Game of Thrones of course, although I’m not happy with what has been teased so far, too many changes from the books. So many characters cut out and changed.

There are a lot of shows I’ve tried or completely watched, so if you want any suggestions, I can give you some.
Btw Bumike, have you tried using hola unblocker and checking out other regions?"

“[QUOTE=”“Killakot, post: 1567489, member: 8167"”]Btw Bumike, have you tried using hola unblocker and checking out other regions?[/QUOTE]

Nope I haven’t tried that."

"Game of Thrones in a few weeks - although annoying with how they made the new HBO stand-alone streaming an Apple exclusive for the first few months…

Gotta love netflix, makes all that work put into hard drive sharing of shows seem like such a waste haha

Might try Saul now too"

"Mostly network shows - Criminal Minds, NCIS: LA, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and occasionally CSI.

On Netflix I’ve been watching the Burn Notice series which I like quite a bit. Haven’t had much time to watch much netflix recently though."

"I watch a good amount of shows, haha. Suits, White Collar, Dig, Arrow, Flash,Vampire Diaries, The Originals, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Broke Ass Game Show, Impractical Jokers, Brain Games, American Crime… there are more I am sure haha.

I may get some shit for Vampire Diaries and the Originals, I was talking shit on it too until I watched it… its so damn good haha"

Just finished Friends for the 4th time. I find myself rewatching the whole series every 5 years or so. Also, with my new daughter here (she’s 10 months now) I am constantly watching Pee-Wee’s Playhouse which she’s absolutely obsessed with.

Watching through How I Met Your Mother for the 4th time, lol. Easily one of my favorite shows of all-time, it’s basically the Friends/Seinfeld of the Millennial generation.

Been watching Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, and Grimm. Those are our big weekly shows. Then we also now have Game of Thrones, and once that finishes True Detective will be on. I also watch random shows here or there, like I’ve been watching Community. And the new Daredevil show.

"I love you for watching Community Iced :wink:

And damn, Daredevil was such a great show!"

“[QUOTE=”“Killakot, post: 1568323, member: 8167"”]I love you for watching Community Iced :wink:

And damn, Daredevil was such a great show![/QUOTE]
Quit watching tv shows and come back to RS."

Haha Ice, but yea I love HIMYM, although after watching Friends again on Netflix it is eerie how similar the two are - right down to actual plot setups.

"Yeah, probably should finally finish that last season of HIMYM. I have been putting it off for ages.
And I never really watched Friends, except occasionally when it was on tv. It’s on my to do I guess.

I’ve started watching Jericho now."