What Stats Should My PKer Have?

i’m thinking about building a pk pure;I want it to have these stats:

1 attack
1 defense
1 strength
60 magic
60 range
45 hitpoints

Are they ok? Should I do something different? Please post your thoughts and comments, especially Pureking : )

I think you should do magic or range, which ever you prefer, because doin both will make your guy have a very high combat and that’s a no-no for pker’s.

actually i used the combat calculator and it’s only suppose to have like 37 combat

I suggest you make seperate pures, like one range pure, one magic, and one strength. If you do all of them as mentioned before, your combat will be higher…

just do 1 i advise 60 magic u can hit 18s/19s and get full rune kills

i saw a pure level 41 with 60 ranged… i nearly got owned by him at level 53!
Ranging is probably one of the best PKing methods.

i think the levels are fine. except i dont think you should do both magic and range. i think you should do one or the other. because wouldn’t you combat level go up to high. and i dont think that pkers have that high of combat level.

First of all I suggest you do either a ranger or a mage not both in one. Second, for a ranger you should have 20 defence. Maybe 43 prayer too.