what the crap...?

why does every clan have some stupid combat level requirement???
you cant atleast recruit the lower levels into an academy or something?

sheesh. no one has patience anymore. :roll:

im sure you have played a sport in gym class right. let me put it this way, you dont pick the slowest people first and offer to help them get better while you’re playing the game do you? In the same way you dont recruit low level ppl for a good clan. there are plenty of newcomer clans if you want to join them.

i got myself in2 a clan recently but as far as i no theres no lvl requirement im lvl 65 n my 2 buds r lvl 80+ im atleast 20 lvls lower dan them iv nown em 4 along time so i gess thats y but still? 8)

Mr tinkles is right…and if u want a lo lvl clan that bad, make your own. Wut lvl r u? i will join if your like lvl 20-40 k?

were u talkin 2 me?

if theres n e ppl willing to join a clan and are lvl 60+ then add matthew163 on ure frends list and tell him while u r on runescape
we need highish lvls tho

yes i think he was and if you look closer there are a few low lvl clans in the clans forum

join the pillars of runescape. we accept all who wish to join. we would take any one from level 1 to as high as it goes so join now.

every person is just as capable as the next.
and ya i do help people.

all you clan leaders that are 75+ in all your skills had to start somewhere. im sure you thought this was BS at the time of your low level. just because someone is low in RS doesnt mean they dont have other skills, traits and/or attributes to assist their clanmates.

err m8 first this is pointless second because they are the lvls of most others in the gang, some gangs have low lvl requirments. if your so bothered make your own.

well i did.

and your right it is pointless.
no one takes time to do quality work in things now. they just want the best now now now. :roll:

err i don’t understand a word of that so i will just go along wiv it

Join Dragonfear we are a lvl 40+ clan we can make exepections if you have good stats like range, mage mining stuff like that :wink:

Well if you gatherd up a whole bunch of lvl 63s im sure you wouldnt want a lvl 5 on your team because he is not a very experienced person yet.I meen the lvl 5 guy would die in a second and would make your team look bad.

true but no one is stupid enuf to take a lvl 5 against a group of level 60+ people.

He didn’t mean it that way.

He meant that the level 5 was accompanying the group of level 60+'s. If the lowbie died very fast and easily, it would make the others look bad because of that one single lower member that they had recruited.

By the way, any clans out there looking for a level 90?

(Lol, Jebra, just kiddin’)

true but no one is stupid enuf to take a lvl 5 against a group of level 60+ people.

exactly so just get your skills up and then you could join them.

BTW you really havent told anyone what your skills are

my skills arent good enuf for any clans evidently.
and i said… take a lvl 5 against lvl 60’s. i didnt say i wouldnt take the level 5. becuase he/she would still grow to lvl 60 and above. and then when that time came, theyd already have plenty of clan experience under the belt.

clan experience?!?! dude, please dont be ridiculus. if you are lvl 5 then go and experience it for yourself. obviously no one will take you because you whine and cay on forever about the dumbest thing and you cant admit when someone else is right. we are all right.

go start your own noobie clan if you want to.

lol dude u cant be lvl 1 only 3 and up