what the heck?

heres a little sumthing weird this morning i was playing and this timer came up for all playing at the time when it reached 0 we were all booted of and had to wait a couple mins to get back on

p.s. a couple hours before was the realease of the new dungeon and it was up and working before this i think personally this was a final check on the dungeon it was not the initial realease

it is a system update, that happens when there is a new update or bugfix

I agree with Calenel.

Although the update was done earlier, their is sometimes a bugfix for either the update or other stuff.

The system update wording is just standard. Imaging if you got a message saying “Bugfix in 2:17” or “Update Repair in 3:24”

Can we have more shots of the new dungeon and the new NPC’s?

Didn’t Calenel already post a topic with pics about the new dungeon and the creatures…?

yea, but he was asking what the system update was, not showing pictures of the new dungeon
ps: that topic that was locked for being inappropriate that i posted in, i did not know what he meant so that is why i did not say anything about it being bad, infiltrator

where is the new dungeon???

go to brimhaven (on karajama) then go southwest