what the......

I don’t know what happened here?

Lol, i did that against a man and a lesser and they never fought back!

actully the do fight back they just dont move, it happens when the monster gains hp just as they die



THat is awesome!!!

lol thats funny :smiley:

I’ve seen that kind of stuff 3 times, 2 times from guards and once from a paladin. :lol:

hehe, thats happened to me b4. wierd.

Yeah, that happened to me with a man once. He attacked back but he was bent over like that.

Hehe… That looks really funny… Good job getting a screen though…

wow that is certainly odd… i’ve never seen that before lol wierd… lol and you reported somebody :o lol

i wonder how that happerns… if its just a glitch in the game i think… or is it like something special u do… :roll:

That’s happened to me several times before as well.