what to do...*sigh*

well…i ran into a big mess…huge mess actually.
today i start my day…
get scammed out of 1k yews.
repair dharok, accidently dropped the body-.-
ran out of money sold my mystic,
my friend got members back we went to barrows
i got nothing, 2nd round i died lost 700k in items
traded rest of my items of value for verac
and its not stopping at all today!
lost dds to a stake, rules got changed i only have a flail now…
along with the verac…30k cash…
just thought id inform everyone why i might quit.

That sucks, dont quit over a bad day :frowning:

~:crazy: spartan

btw its not so much as the bad day that makes me quit…its thati dont like it when i get worked up over a game…im just not in the best mood…i may or may not quit.

THATS NO REASON TO QUIT! so you lost all of your money, you still have your expierience. you can work back up. wat is harder, starting a new acount after a few months of not playing, and working all the wy back up, or fite till you regain what you lost. its just a game. if youve devoted that much time into getting all of those things, it wont take as long to get them back.

Wow, what he said is good. I agree wit him.

Don’t quit!!!

who the hell cares if i lost money i just overall am tired of doing a game thats not going to get me anywhere, spending time to get money that just gets lost over and over again…it wasent a reson to quit its more of a reason to get a life

real life > rs :slight_smile:

~:crazy: spartan

for 2 years its been rl<rs…

eh…i staked 2 red masks before and almost quit cuz i lost em both…but im still here
sorry to hear you lost all that though

that isn’t just a bad day “he has had a BAD day” !

dude ive lost 1 green mask, robin hood boots, hat, 25k steel arrows, and 100’s of k so dont quit… come on its 1 bad day… if yo do quit can I have your account =) lol im want a noob award

well, you guys think thats bad?
everytime i get anything over 3.9m i get hacked and lose it all

dude why are you all like its not a big loss? its not! i just overall dont like runescape that much anymore
bragging about being hacked insent a good thing btw

Wow,That sucks,dont give up

im not talking about your loss, yours is huge, that plate alone was 2.1m

im talking about all the other noobs who complain about losing 1m-1.5m

well, when i wasn lvl 50 or so i was scammed, i’ve lost rune pl8, rune legs, rune pick, rune hatchet, 700 bronze arrows (all of them get from the respawn at the wild), addy kite and addy full helm, and i’m still playing, and at that time, that tooks lots of time to get, i’m still recovering, but i’m not that bad
but if you want real life»runescape instead of real life«runescape but personally i think you should make it like real life=runescape

Maybe we could make a carity for you…

why makea carity for me…its just pointless…im quitting within 2months

jack, if i were you i would ask a mod to lock this for you, because many people are just saying that your a noob and the lost more (which most of them havent, as a matter of fact i dont think any of them have) anyways this is really rude

i feel srry for you but if you are really gonna uit what ya gonna do with all your stuff?