What was ur worst loss in wilderness

What was the worst loss you had in the wilderness? :smiley:

Full rune:

Rune Pl8
Rune legs
rune 2h
rune full helm
power ammy
diamond ring

i was jumped by a bunch of people lol, had no chance to telly

i hardly ever go pking, so the worst i’ve ever lost was 1k and a bunch of useless stuff… lol…

man i lagged out in level 54 wildy and got SUPER PWNED and lost dragon long, MY DAMN PRAYER BOOK and some other stuff… i hate mages with a passion (BTW: dont ask me why i had prayer book in wildy, or why it was full…)

Full Mith…With Weapons…

Full Addy…With Weapon…

Fighting for XP :

I’ve lost ::

Full Rune. Full Addy (T). Full Addy (G)… ETC… ( I have bad luck on RS )

Dragon med…full sara with no helm…dragon bax :cry:

just yesterday

wow!! y would u wear that in wildy lol?

Well I lost full Rune… It really kill me when that happens.

Dragon med, zammy kite, dragon armor red the guy was trying to kill kbd with friends…then he left the kbd area and me and my team killed him.

the worst i lost was full addy. i went pking with my clan and we all hade skull and cross bones cos we wer pkin ppl then this mage came and kick my a** .but then the clan finished him for me/

i lost full addy and rune long sword (when i was lvl 52)
In a glourious clan war!I killd the most but the rulls were “If u die ur out of the clan” i chaught up with my “former” clan leader in deeeeeeeeep wild and pwond his lvl 62 botay

EDIT: Hello from the future! The date is November 3rd 2007, and I would like to apologize to all of you that might read this ill fated post.

The worst I have lost if some rune stuff…I wa in level one wildy training, then i went a little farther out (like level 2 lol) then there was like 4 mages that killed me in a second, I didn’t have time to run out of the wild. I wasn’t skulled though, so i lost some rune and my power ammy and boots and gloves and all the other stuff, lol.

I lost a drag dagger § and full addy the other day

i haven’t not lose any things in the wilder!! maybe are im to strong to the enemys i whas killing red dragon’s today 100-116 i can actually beat them and i am member :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

i lost full rune

stergh ammy and all kinds of stuff. y!!!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

i lost all ma srting stuff in level 1 wildy wen i was lvl 1 everything!!!

Took me 3 weeks to fond out how to gt it bak rofl

Lost full rune with rune scimmy and probably some food…i forgot.

hmmworst losses…2 sets of rune scimmys…ammys runes lotta fish :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Well thats no good…

Full rune is my worst.