What weapon should I buy?

Whic should i buy?

Ahh! it didnt add my


Attack: 38
Strength: 35
Defence: 30

read this it should help


It depends… The long if your attack is a little lower than strength… The 2h if your attack is somewhat noticebly higher than your strength… The 2h has the highest str and lowest acc and it is the slowest weapon but the long has normal acc, little more than average str, and normal attack speed… It’s kinda up to you… If my info isn’t correct than check the weapon types report on the left link column… Good luck choosing which weapon you want…

you really should get battle axe! though if you want a shield!

get the long it will be more intresting to use

I say the b-axe cause it is strong and you can still use a shield

ok, b-axe it is :slight_smile:
i wasnt sure if i was doing the right choice

thx for your help guys

Baxe is the best kind of addy weapon…IMO Good choice :smiley:

I would suggest addy scimmy, but since that’s not one of your options, I would choose addy battle axe as well. It does good damage out of all the addy weapons.

get the battle ax

Get a rune battle axe! :lol: I still suggest an addy battle axe or addy scimmy until you can use rune weapons, then get a rune battle axe!

long i think, 2h’s are slow

I agree with you calenel about the 2h’s. 2h’s are cool when you first get one, then they get boring because they’re soooo slow. I don’t think longs are that great though, because although they can hit higher than scimmies, scimmies look much better :wink: .

Get a scimmy.

If you only have the choice of Two hand or long, choose the long. It will help you level up faster and enable you to wield a shield. By the looks of your stats, you need it.

Don’t waste money on addy weapons as you are close to being able to use Rune ones. Then get a Rune scimmy for 35K.

Battle axe and Scim are the best possible weapons because of attack speed and power

2h is bad because it is sooooo incredibly slow plus you dont get a shield

Long is bad because it is soooo weak

Claws are semi decent if you pot up

Use Battle if you are going up against something super powerful or something with plate armor

Use scim if you are goin up against something weak, unarmored, or in chain

addy long, the 2h is toi slow, and cant use shield

Battle axe because you can wield a shield with it and its faster then a 2h.

It depends on what you prefer. If you like speed, I suggest weapons like claws and daggers. If you want some speed, but strength I suggest long swords, scimmys, and axes. And if you want strength I suggest warhammers and 2hs. I dont know if this is completely correct But for the most part I think it is.

get a 2h they rule the world :twisted: