what world are you in

what world are you usualy in ?
im trying for world three all the time how bout you
i just made a new acountand started playing again so i was ust wonderring
(BTW my new name is fenix000002)

y would u like to know what world we r in?, i mean, people have there own world, and hundreds or thousents of people do, y world u liek to know what world we r in, its not liek its special, u usally puck a world that ur friends go on a lot, or what is least busiest

i meant rs
sorry :lol:

im in world 3824965093845620938560298346509186513049856103948650912384568056019346501783465145…
you have to use the item “Super Uber Coolio Ultra-Gazer-Goober Teleportation Module 76-3425” to get there though…

Im usually in world 36 or 48.

Im also mature when people ask what world I frequent.

lol…that is so funny. I am also mature when i tell which world i frequent…that is so FUNNY!!! ahah. im just having fun dude. for real i visit any world that has the least amount of peeps when i mine and train, and most amount when i sell.

I’m usually in world 1 and 30…

Thats 'bout it!

i’m usually in world 29… or world 1… at times, though i switch to other worlds…

Either with all my clan buds in world 12, Or I hang with my freinds in world 18 8)

You’ve got 3 warnings, I recommend you dont do any more silly things.

Im usually at world 35, but If I’m buying something, then World 1.

Used to be in world 20 all the time but then I quit.

20 was my main world in rsc and a week in rs2 then switched me and friends switched to the last germany world thingy (btw i live in !!+!! canada)

I go to world 12, 11, 69, and sometimes 1.

I’m usually in the World 30 hill giants cave but sometimes I wonder to world 1 when I am trading valuables or world 34 because there are a lot of noobs to take advantage of.

well i like world 3 but i ll also choose any world with a low number

im usually in world 5. im a non-member