what would you do if you could make a teacher do any thing

my i would go any tell mr pena to hit ms hanson in the face lol

Get straight A’s for the rest of my life.

I’d make them fight each other to the death, but first make them sign papers giving me all of their earthly possessions. Then I’d sell all of their things on Ebay and craft their bones into a comfy chair. I believe in recycling.

i would ask if one of my teachers to sell their hair on ebay

I’d make them give me straight A’s and gimmie money!

lo teachers have no money so ill take what little they have

ya well you do know my ag teacher good lord he has a maid that cleans his house his riding lawn mower has a radio and cruise control his basement has a bar and 2 pool tables and he just bout a new car his rich(to my standards) id make them sig over every thing make them name the school after me thewn fight to the death lol

I hope you all realize that if the teacher gave you straight A’s you would not have to work for it, but you probably would not learn anything either. I would rather work for A’s then have somebody hand them to me like I am a special education student.

i,d take the A,s and not work all year you can work for your A,s and i will be in the back of the class making fun of you all

I’m in G/T so it’s hard to get A’s.

that sucks dude


What is G/T???

I’d make them never give anyone homework ever again…

hey your talking to me again

i would rake their money make them fight…and smack the loser with a dead squirrel then make them my slaves forever (until i die of course) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I would want the a’s and no more homework.

G/T is the special program for all the smart kids. We get work from the grade above us. Since I’m in 7th grade, I get 8th grade work.

oh cool man

Make him/her make a wrestling ring (cage) and kill eachother and the winner fights the PE teachers lol