what would YOU do if you were Zezima for a day

personally, i’d just go into his bank and drop trade his stuff(yeah im a big meanie lol) :smiley:

post what you would do

make a lot of money then take all hes stuff
maby get hes account banned so he could get a life other then runescape

Amen to that. :smiley:

Id get him banned :smiley:

lol, i have another idea, i could message Jagex asking to put his stats back to 1 so The Old Nite would lead overall for the first time

id change the pass, he probably doesnt remember his recovery questions from so many hours of mind numbing playing lol :slight_smile:

I would drop trade all his good stuff to my account, change his password, and well all recovery ques like 3 times and then I would own his account and have his stuff.

i would take all of his good items and then get the companys account banned(zezima is owned by rs companies or at least that is wat i heard)

i would see how many people i could get to follow me and say, “Phr33 st00f pl0x!!!” lol

I’d say Phr33 st00f pl0x on the forums.

Then ban him!

I would

  1. Change the pass and recovery
  2. Drop trade all his stuff to my account
  3. Press private chat selection all day everyone 5 seconds so when noobs try to PM me I log out when they are about to hit enter
  4. If all else fails, get him banned.

Edit: ROFL BloodFire that’s the greatest idea!

9.9/10 because nothings perfect.

i heard it was a real person…hmmm…

Zezima is played by 2 guys who constantly take shifts. That’s what I’ve heard.

well back on topic, anyone else have ideas?

Icedearth told us ages ago zezima is 2 brothers who take 10hour shifts. Id definately buy a load of phats then go to mage arena with them, start switching them round infront of the pkers and get owned! Then i would go pking with full veracs and sharks till i died. Then full dharoks, then full guthans, in the end i would get zezima banned.

well I would make sure that it wouldn’t be only for 1 day…I’d make it for life…I’d try to take thier things BUT they most likly have a bank PIN…so good luck hacking…

I would probly tradesmap noobs and yell YEAH, HOW you like that!

oh i forgot to add that he doesn’t have a pin(i dunno if he really doesnt tho)

I would change his password, revoery questions and keep his account so i could make money easily.

i would trade all his good stuff to my account, and let some stuff to go to the wild and own each and every pk that appeared in front of me, then i would change his pass and get his account banned