What would you do when worlds colide?

What I mean is, if aliens/some wierd being came to our planet?

Well if giant Indians came (no offense) I would ask them how to make giant corn…

If they are little things… Well I would sell them on ebay.

if they are good… nothing… if they are bad try to join a group that is trying to get rid of them… and if its impossible… then just try to live life as normally as possible…

Like Help1 said, if the aliens are good or show means of friendliness, than I guess I have nothing much to fear about, and will just go about doing my daily things, and leave the negotiations to the politicians and such… But, if the aliens are trying to take over (something like War of the Worlds or Independence Day) and their aim/goal is to get rid of the humans, then I’m sure we will find a way to fight back, though they will probably be more advanced than us, seeing as they came here, without us first acknowledging their existence… As for what I would do in the second situation, I would probably live life as if I have a few days left, depending on how dangerous these aliens/outer beings are… Hm… I also think I would want to get a look at them if I can manage…

I ask them, DO you know of the Lord our God? I know they ARE going to say yes because the Lord never keeps to secrecy…If they don’t say yes (which is quite unlikely cus i think God showed himself to all creatures–even breathing pronounces his name), i will force the gospels onto them and force them to acknowledge the Lord.

ur pretty religious eh?

if theyre nice, ill be nice to them. if theyre not, ill run:scared:

Seeing my friend always listened to a song that went as: “And this is what it’s like when worlds collide, and this is what it’s like when worlds co-LLIDE!” And the song pretty much gets loud and annoying after that, I’m sure that would be what the author of the song would interpret that as, even though I’m not sure if he meant about aliens.

When and if this would happen, it would be a pain in the neck, because we’d be so accustomed to our lives, that if they interfere, good or bad, it could effect us in negative ways, either way. If the so-called other-worldly beings came to help, I would be fine with it, but it could take months, years, even decades to be accustomed by it. If memory serves me correctly, it was not scientists who theorized aliens as walking, breathing, evil things, but a man with a creative imagination. Scientists theorized that there were aliens, but they were merely different substances of bacteria, and the author took it a whole other nauch. So I wouldn’t be expecting it soon.

UFO crashes in front yard
Oh no… :stuck_out_tongue:

but what would you do if the same thing that happened in the day after tomorrow happened here?

If they’re friendly, i’ll be nice.

If they’re evil, I’ll unleash Planet Earth’s biggest and best weapon against Aliens - Bacteria.

…and the chances of aliens landing on our planet are?

Anyhow, I would have to see them first to see what I should do.

I’d poke them with a large rubber spoon…


me too. large rubber spoon is non-conducting for both heat and electric energy…and poking proves theyre real.

Hit Them With a Bat =)

It isn’t impossible for this to happen if in a mature subject we are talking about what is out there and if they cam eto our earth.

firstly, I would point out that I started thinking about this kind of things when i read a stephen king book a bit to early lol…

hers is a direct excerpt:

Stephen Kings the Dark Tower Series Part I the Gunslinger page 291-293

“The greatest mystery the universe offers is not life but size. size encompasses life. the tower encompasses size. the child who is most at home with wonder says: Daddy what is above the sky? Father says: the darkness of space. Child:what is beyond space? Father: the galaxy Child: whats beond the galaxy? Father: another Galaxy… Child: whats beyond that? Father: no one knows.
you see? size defeats us. for the fish, in a lake is there universe. what does the fish think when he is jerked up from the wwater he lives in and sees this knew world?”

’ everything in the the universe denies nothing. to suggest conclusions to things is one impossiblity."

“Might you look through and discover our entire universe is but part of one atom on a blade of grass? might you be forced to think that by burning a twig you incinserate an eternity of eternities? that exisctence rises not to one infinite but to an infity of them?”

“perhaps you saw what place our universe plats in the scheme of things, as an atom in a blade of grass. could it be that everything we can perceive form infitesimal virus to the distant Horsehead Nebula., is contian ed in one blade of grass… a blade that may have eisted for only a day or two in an alien tiem flow? what if that blade could be cut off by a scythe? when it began to die would the rot seep into your own universe and outr own lives, turning everything yellow and brown and dessicated? Perhaps its already begun to happen. we say the world has moved on; maybe we really mean that it has begun to dry up.”

“think how small such a concept of things makes us, gunslinger. if a god watches over it all, does he actually mete out justice for a race of gnats among an infitude of races of gnats? does his eye see sparrow fall when the sparrows less than a speck of hydrogen floating disconnected in the depth of space? and if he does see…what must the nature of such a god be? where does he live? how is it possible to live beyond infite?”

get his point?

imagine your walking on a beach and for every grian of dirt is a billion universes with thousands of galaxies, what hapens when we walk on a beach or desert and our shoes pick up thousands upon thousands of grains of sands…did we just kill off a race of their own?

we dont know we cant count beyond infinity to tell us.

:eek: :wink: Katrine.

I would prob them lol

if they’re good ask them to be my friend if they’re bad ask them to be my friend